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Rotary Member Directory

Our organization produces member directories every year. They are tedious to create and prone to typos / inaccuracies. How can I use a database to create a member directory or product catalog?

For a number of years the Rotary Club of Rome Georgia has created a printed photo directory. It was the result of a lot of hours of work from a dedicated committee within the club and skilled typesetting/printing services of a local printing company. With 4" x 8" dimensions, it was convenient for club members to reference. However, it was a clerical challenge each year to communicate the new committee assignments and change of address information to the printer. It was also expensive to have typeset.

Our company created a Microsoft Access database and Word document template for creating this directory. It has reduced the overall time and printing costs by giving the committee members the means to create print-ready Adobe PDF content. We think it's a neat example of how the Microsoft Office tools can generate attractive printed content.

The development work was donated to the Rotary Club of Rome and we are making a free version of the database and Word template available for others interested in duplicating this directory for their clubs.

Sample images from the database are provided below. A full sample directory in PDF format is available here.

Member Photos
Avenues of Service
Nearby Clubs










A video describing the process is available below.

Rotary Photo Directory Using Microsoft Access

All photos are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Fictitious name and address data courtesy of

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