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So, here is the capstone experience for us. It represents where our other skills converge together; where an understanding of your business meets our data navigation skills. In these service areas we help you draw meaningful conclusions from your data that go beyond standard data transformation and reporting.


We love working with data. Data helps reveal the truth around us. With the services mentioned below we are partnering with you to take a deeper look or to enable new sources of reference data.


From a professional standpoint these topics represent our long-term growth areas. They represent the lovely thing about our profession -- that there is so much more to learn and apply. Yeah, we are geeked about data and the business we're in!

Data Analysis Variations

Organizations sometime inherit databases as part of a merger or in some other manner. We can help make sense of these data sets for which you are not familiar. With use of tools by Microsoft and Redgate software our company can do detailed analysis of such databases. As part of the process, relationships between tables, measurements of data completion and the domain/range of values can be documented. Data discovery tasks can also involve targeted answers from the data source. Data discovery then is the exploration and summary findings of any dataset.
Today there are a variety of free and fee-based data resources available. Our company is familiar with these sources and can help you evaluate sources to compliment your business objectives. These can provide validation to your back-office systems or as aids to marketing efforts.
Our company can help you design and populate a database expressly designed for reporting. It is periodically refreshed from your daily transactional database and gives your organization flexibility for handling historical data and expanding reporting options.
These steps go beyond the restatement of data facts and towards the interpretation of data meaning. These services offer statistically derived measures and statements about trends in your data. Candidly, as of the time of this writing – this particular area of our services is limited. This represents a growth area that we would like to have stronger skills. It is a quickly evolving market including such things as machine learning.

Provided at right are scenarios and tools that further explain the data analysis tasks. Let us know if we can help you with a similar task.