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Database Administration

Do you ever skip the vegetables and go straight to dessert? Think of a properly administered database as your vegetables while the reporting and analyses is your dessert. Analogous to your own diet, if you ignore the proactive administration details for too long you risk data loss and compromised business health.

SQL Server 2016 offers a range of new capabilities to ensure your business is protected from data loss, down-time, and security breaches. We can help identify server related performance issues and assist your in-house application developers with database design and SQL programming tasks.

Our guidance results from real world experience managing a medical records application we hosted for our customers. We are familiar with the latest features in SQL Server and can give you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure. There is not much we can do about getting you to eat those lima beans...

Database Administration Variations

With apologies to Star Trek, our company's prime directive is to lose no data. We ensure our customers are protected from data loss and system down-time. To this end we perform server health checks, backup planning, recovery simulation, Azure and other offsite backup storage, and fully-documented restore procedures.

The pro-active measures above are the starting point. But when the RAID controller does go up in smoke, we are on-call at any hour and are on-site promptly for our Northwest Georgia customers.

SQL Server offers a highly configurable mechanism for who can view and revise data. We can interview your management staff and translate needs into a security structure. Much of the work on these tasks involve documenting the system as it relates to permissions.
A poorly performing application is demoralizing for staff and represents lost productivity. We can identify performance bottlenecks when they occur on the database server, and then optimize your database. This can include RAID/File segment assignment, table / index design, partitioning, stored procedure and view design, etc.
We design and implement high-availability and replicated databases to ensure maximum up-time. New capabilities in SQL Server 2016 offer both redundant / failback safeguards and performance improvements.
Occasionally we are asked to work with frontend application developers to design or optimize the database "backend". This typically includes: designing table structures, writing stored procedures, user-defined functions and views.


Provided at right are scenarios and tools that further explain the database administration tasks. Let us know if we can help you with a similar task.

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