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The Value of a Good Name

Well it's done -- we have changed our company name to DataBaselines, Inc.

There are a couple of reasons for the name change. But the primary reason is symbolic. It marks a transition for our company. We no longer create any type of data entry applications. Our focus is squarely on business intelligence reporting and data science techniques.

Merriam-Webster will tell you that a baseline is a minimum or starting point used for comparisons. That dovetails neatly with our purpose. We help our customers:

Help me Make Sense of this Database

We use a proprietary software application that stores a great deal of operational data for our company. The product vendor does not provide any documentation. We want to extract and report from its tables. How would you go about investigating this system? What sorts of support could you offer on this type of project?

Improving Data Quality

Our customer address information is inaccurate and it contributes to delayed deliveries and frustrated customers. What general resources are available to improve the quality of our data?

Backup Horror Story

A business associate just spent two weeks in turmoil trying to recover data that was permanently lost. Their backup process was flawed. I've got a gnawing sense that this could happen to us too? What can I do to ensure my backups are occurring when they should and that they will be usable if I actually need them?

Using R to Evaluate College Scorecard

Our company acquired a data file containing over 15,000 rows and 300 columns. We are trying to identify patterns in the data. Where do we begin evaluating such a large dataset? Would Using R be helpful?

Microsoft Access Member Directory

Our organization produces member directories every year. They are tedious to create and prone to typos / inaccuracies. How can I use a database to create a member directory or product catalog?

Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science

A database analysts experience with the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science. This page is an index of 10 blog entries describing coursework included in this new curriculum aligned with Microsoft data science tools. This entry concerns the overview course.