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Mission Statement

My name is Jonathan Bartleson and since 1995 I have been a Microsoft database consultant helping other companies in Northwest Georgia. 

Beautiful Rome, GA

Our first customer was a children's healthcare organization that was in need of a medical records tool. This project would begin a 20-year niche for our company in behavioral healthcare. It led to our authoring an electronic medical records tool that was used by over 60 therapeutic foster care homes in 5 Southern states. The product we created used Microsoft Access and SQL Server to record and report on children in care.

Over the years, we have been honored to create database applications for a wide range of other customers. This includes a variety of manufacturers, medical care providers, public school systems, and service businesses. Every project we have ever worked on is powered by a Microsoft database of some sort.

In 2018, we renamed the business from GeoSolve Consulting, Inc. to DataBaselines, Inc. This was done to reflect our company's focus on the data analysis and reporting capabilities of SQL Server, Power BI, R, machine-learning and other data science topics. 

Merriam-Webster defines a baseline as a minimum or starting point used for comparisons. That dovetails neatly with our purpose. We help our customers:

  1. Take better measurements -- including their starting points, their baselines.
  2. Build tools to help them perform past their baselines and give measure to their success.

In two decades time, the technology has evolved but the company purpose has remained the same -- We help others make sense of data.

Mission Statement

DataBaselines, Inc. exists to boost our customer’s return on their data investment. We do this by:
  • Create categorically new and better data reporting to guide decision-making.
  • Help business owners envision practical and innovative ways of applying database technology
  • Provide our customers with new ways to communicate internally and with their business partners.
  • Enable staff to do higher value work by automating the mundane and mechanical information gathering, collating and data-cleansing tasks.
  • Strengthen business continuity via high-availability configurations, disaster planning, and documentation.
  • Constrain our service offerings to Microsoft SQL Server database tools allowing us to be experts in that area.
  • Be a cost-effective partner who is skilled with the latest technology and who applies best practices on the customer's behalf.
  • Offer peace of mind to business managers by being a predictable and trust-worthy long-term partner.