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Site Purpose

Site Purpose


The purpose of this website is to build Trust and Educate, let me explain:

Build Trust

A customers data is a critical strategic resource. By hiring us, you are trusting us to safeguard this company asset. Our site purpose is meant to reveal our character and our technical competency. It's a starting point for building trust with you.


  • Customers may not know what is possible with current database tools. For this reason, we share specific examples to help managers become familiar with their options. These take the form of scenarios, tools and learning logs.
  • Organizations in need of help may not know about us yet. Those that visit our services page, can gauge whether our range of skills can help them.
  • Multiple times every work-day, our staff benefits from the shared Internet writings of other technical experts. Give us and some bandwidth and we can answer almost anything. Our learning logs and tools pages are an effort to contribute back to this awesome knowledge store.
Broad Street, Rome, GA

...Where Trust and Education Converge...

The computer industry is constantly evolving. IT professionals must continuously learn new skills to be effective. And that gets to the final point: Our company learning log gives prospects a record of our ongoing commitment to the craft and the confidence that we can safely and wisely guide their data management decisions.

What our Customers Say

  • Jim Wile / President
    Comprehensive Technical Group, Inc.

    Our company has relied upon GeoSolve Consulting for the past four years. The system they designed for us has become an integral part of our daily operation, and has significantly increased our efficiency as a company.

  • Barbara Carter, Ed. D. / School Nutrition Director
    Rome City School System

    In the Rome City School System, the school nutrition program had to develop a plan for procuring food from vendors in the form of a bid package. GeoSolve not only developed a computer program, but implemented it and trained our staff of school nutrition managers so they could order their food supplies for our students. GeoSolve worked with our staff through committees and shared conferences to design a computer program that answered our needs. Mr. Bartleson and his staff was patient with our learning curve of a new computer program. GeoSolve still stands behind their product and assist us with any new complications that may happen in our program. His professional and problem solving manner helped us manage this task in report forms that the Georgia State Department of Education would accept.

  • Gregory E. Sumner, Ph.D., / Founder & President
    Professional Screening & Information, Inc.

    It is with pleasure I recommend Jonathan Bartleson and his team of professionals at GeoSolve Consulting, Inc. We have been working with GeoSolve for the past four years. They have worked on some very large, as well as small projects for our company. Regardless of the size of the project, they have always been professional and methodical in their effort to understand our needs and deliver results in a timely manner. There are few people I can say I trust when it comes to integrity; Jonathan and his team at GeoSolve are one of the few.

  • Van Willis / COO

    One of the things GeoSolve Consulting has done for us involved creating an automated reporting tool that delivers call activity to our customers. This report previously required our staff to spend 2 days of every week to tabulate, email or fax this information. In addition to the time savings we gain each week; the design of the report GeoSolve staff created is more readable and attractive than the one it replaced. In addition to the significant resource savings, this has helped our company project a more professional and favorable image to our customers.

  • David Harvey / CEO

    Our business is responsible for tracking medical conditions of patients and putting them in touch with physicians. GeoSolve Consulting has been with us from our company’s beginning in 2001; designing the call center database that we use every day. They have built a rock-solid system that has experienced no down-time and allowed our business to grow. At each stage of our business growth, GeoSolve has been there to help us make smart and practical decisions relating to our information technology needs.

  • Jeff McDermott / Information Technology Director
    Floyd County Schools

    GeoSolve created a work-order and inventory management system that we've used for over three years. They took the time to learn about what we needed, and then designed and built a stable software application that meets our needs perfectly. Based upon my experience with GeoSolve, I would gladly recommend them. They do excellent work, with personal service and at a reasonable price.

  • Executive Director / Normer Adams
    Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children

    GeoSolve have been our partner for more than ten years. Whenever we have a problem that technology can solve, we call GeoSolve. They listen exceptionally, plan well and implement flawlessly. They are committed to customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to make it happen.

  • Eddie Rivers / Manager
    Coosa Diagnostic Center

    Jonathan is able to dig into technical issues and deliver solutions that appropriately addressed the needs of our organization. He helped us deploy unique solutions cost-effectively and has provided us with a strong framework to extend services using the Mirth Connect software. Jonathan was a reliable and accessible resource for us. He responded quickly and capably; Jonathan was there ready to help when we needed him. Jonathan provided very detailed accounting of dates, times and description of work completed. He is conscientious about accurately and fairly billing for his work. I would recommend Jonathan Bartleson as an independent software consulate to any organization looking for someone to lead, implement, and see a difficult project come to completion.